NRG Bite - 3 Protein-Packed Flavors

Can't decide? Buy all 3 to add variety to your snacking, a healthy choice every time.

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Why NRG Bite?

Renew, Refuel with just one bite isn't just a tagline.  It is the inspiration behind NRG Bite, providing the perfect portion size for a protein-rich snack that satiates hunger without blowing calorie count, or over-loading on carbs.  Many protein energy bars are 200 - 400 calories per bar, and that is simply too much for a between meals snack, fitness boost or post-workout replenishment.

Our Founder

Meet Paul Kahan -- personal chef, fitness enthusiast, and Type 1 Diabetic, diagnosed in adulthood.  Paul recognized a need in the energy bar market for a smaller portioned snack made with wholesome ingredients, the right ratio of nutrients and most importantly, palate-pleasing taste.  How many times have you tried a protein bar only to find it way too high in calorie count, too rich, chalky or unpleasant to the taste?  Often times, half the bar gets wrapped up and forgotten about thrown away and wasted.  As a diabetic, Paul struggled with finding a flavorful, low sugar, high-protein solution sized right for a snack, not a meal replacement. Paul developed three flavor profiles that provide snack satisfaction in a perfect portion size that's packaged for portability.

Our Mission

Entering the fitness and sports nutrition market is a daunting endeavor. The NRG Bite recipes have been tested and perfected to a deliver on a very high standard for taste and texture, wholesomeness and natural ingredients, with a lot less sugar than most protein bars and no artificial sweeteners.  

NRG Bite is the right-sized, perfectly-portioned energy snack for health-conscious people who embrace good nutrition and good taste. 

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